Mechanism of Zimeishu

Zimeishu gynecological pad selects 38 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine extracts,selects silver ions,a new bactericidal material with strong bactericidal effect and high safety performance,as the antibacterial agent,impregnates alkaloids and silver ions on the pad through high-tech technology,and can effectively kill exogenous gynecological pathogens and play a good shielding role through daily use of gynecological pads.
Silver ions have three functions:A.inhibiting bacterial and antiviral respiration;b.Dividing bacterial cell membrane;c.Combined with the DNA bond of bacterial cells and viruses,it plays the role of sterilization and antiviral.
Sister Shu is absorbed through the perineal mucosa,capillaries and perineal acupoints,directly reaching the reproductive system,sterilizing,relieving itching and removing peculiar smell in one step,taking warm care of women's private parts,adapting to women's gynecological problems of different ages,protecting women's physical health and being more intimate.
["sister Shu"gynecological pad is honorably produced by Shaanxi Wan'an Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.,scientifically applies the latest research results of modern medicine,designs according to the physiological structure characteristics of women and the occurrence mechanism of gynecological diseases,selects 38 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine extracts,plus broad-spectrum antibacterial and antiviral silver ions,and develops a gynecological national invention patented product for 24-hour maintenance of women's reproductive physiological health in the whole cycle.]