Health knowledge public welfare lecture care for the health of female teachers

On March 25,after the free physical examination of female faculty and workers in our school,on March 28,we welcomed the public lecture on women's health knowledge organized by Songyuan Federation of trade unions and the association of Education Department,so that the majority of female teachers can further understand the life health and health care knowledge about women's science,improve their awareness of self-protection,and make female teachers live and work better.
Professor Zhang cairan,an expert of the lecturer group of public welfare lectures on health knowledge of female workers of the all China Federation of trade unions,was invited to give lectures.Professor Zhang cairan has been engaged in clinical and teaching for more than 30 years.He has a deep foundation in medical theory and rich clinical experiments.He has unique opinions on women's reproductive health,two cancer prevention and other knowledge.He has won the title of"top ten medical workers"of Hebei women's Federation for many times.
Her humorous teaching style and easy to understand popular science explanation have been recognized and affirmed by the female faculty of our school.The lecture on that day was very popular and achieved good results.