Traditional Chinese medicine ingredients of Zimeishu

Zimeishu gynecological pad is preferably made of 38 traditional Chinese medicine extracts and silver ions(NATURAL broad-spectrum bactericide).
The herbal formula of Sishu's Chinese prescription is mainly extracted from Angelica sinensis,cassia twig,safflower,frankincense,myrrh,Sophora flavescens,Salvia miltiorrhiza,Poria cocos,Aucklandia,Cortex Phellodendri,dodder,Fructus Cnidii,Ligustrum lucidum,semen plantaginis,Ligusticum chuanxiong,stemonatum,mint,Sparganium,zedoary turmeric,musk,Yuanhu,Huangqi,alum,borneol and other traditional Chinese medicines(compound alkaloids).For example:
1.Angelica sinensis,safflower,frankincense,myrrh,Yuanhu,Sparganium,zedoary turmeric,wood incense and other drugs can activate blood circulation,remove blood stasis,and dredge Qi and collaterals.
2.Sophora flavescens,Poria cocos,Cortex Phellodendri,Fructus Cnidii,Rhizoma Stemonae,etc.have the functions of clearing heat and detoxification,anti-tumor,dehumidification and dispelling wind,and insecticidal.
3.Borneol,Cuscuta chinensis,Ligustrum lucidum and Astragalus membranaceus have the functions of opening orifices and dispersing blood stasis,strengthening health and removing evil,and tonifying liver and kidney.
The formula has the pH value of female vaginal self-cleaning bacteria,which is in line with the pH value of female vaginal self-cleaning bacteria.It can effectively strengthen the blood circulation of pelvic floor,remove putrefaction and generate muscle.It has a significant effect on preventing postpartum urinary incontinence,vaginal relaxation,uterine prolapse,hemorrhoids and enhancing the immune ability of urogenital system.
Zimeishu gynecological pad can sterilize and relieve itching,activate blood circulation and remove blood stasis,regulate endocrine,improve ovarian function,activate egg cells,soften cervix,delay the decline of female reproductive organs,improve women's ability to prevent and resist diseases,improve the quality of sexual life,regulate menstruation,fade color spots,improve complexion,improve sleep quality,and make women healthy and young from inside to outside.
["Zimeishu"gynecological pad is honorably produced by Shaanxi Wan'an Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.,scientifically applies the latest research results of modern medicine,designs according to the physiological structure characteristics of women and the occurrence mechanism of gynecological diseases,selects 38 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine extracts,plus broad-spectrum antibacterial and antiviral silver ions,and develops a gynecological national invention patented product for 24-hour maintenance of women's reproductive physiological health in the whole cycle.]