Zimeishu "five phase" protection

Zimeishu can prevent and treat gynecological diseases at different ages,filling the gap of international gynecological full cycle prevention and treatment."Five phase"protection to protect women's health.
"Five period"protection refers to the protection of menstruation,pregnancy,childbirth,lactation,menopause and old age.Before and after the"menstrual period",the human immunity is at the lowest stage,and the whole reproductive system is in the open stage.It is easy to be infected by bacteria,from vulva,vagina to cervix,uterus,ovary,accessories and pelvic cavity,and from outside to inside,diseases occur in ascending organs,that is,all kinds of so-called"gynecological diseases".The harm of these diseases to women is twofold.Physical pain leads to mental pain.Mental torture makes the body's immunity lower,and the pain continues to aggravate,forming a vicious circle and affecting work and life.Medical research has proved that poor protection of long-term menstruation will inevitably affect pregnancy and production(see China Women's daily,August 23,2010).Therefore,the"menstrual period"protection is the foundation of the five-stage protection,and we should do a good job in protection.
Menstrual period:the use of Zimeishu three days before and four days after menstruation can prevent the occurrence of gynecological diseases,and has a good preventive and therapeutic effect on vulvar pruritus,menstrual disorders,dysmenorrhea and abnormal leucorrhea.
Pregnancy:in the first three months of pregnancy,use Zimeishu gynecological pads to restore the ecological environment of the reproductive tract and achieve eugenics.
Puerperal period:use Zimeishu gynecological pad after delivery,mainly to prevent birth canal infection,help uterine involution,improve pelvic effusion and blood stasis syndrome,improve the functional rehabilitation of pelvic floor muscles(especially pubococcidial muscle),and prevent postpartum urinary incontinence,vaginal relaxation,uterine prolapse,hemorrhoids,sexual apathy and urogenital diseases.
Lactation:the use of Zimeishu gynecological pad will not affect the safety of infant lactation.It is an appropriate postpartum health care product for modern women.
Menopause and old age:with the gradual decline of estrogen,the resistance of urogenital system decreases rapidly.Zimeishu gynecological pad can delay ovarian aging,enhance the immunity of reproductive tract,improve the quality of sexual life,and prevent vaginal dryness and inflammation in the elderly.
["Zimeishu"gynecological pad is honorably produced by Shaanxi Wan'an Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.,scientifically applies the latest research results of modern medicine,designs according to the physiological structure characteristics of women and the occurrence mechanism of gynecological diseases,selects 38 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine extracts,plus broad-spectrum antibacterial and antiviral silver ions,and develops a gynecological national invention patented product for 24-hour maintenance of women's reproductive physiological health in the whole cycle.]