Introduction to Wan'an pharmaceutical

Shaanxi Wan'an Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as"Wan'an pharmaceutical")was established in 1993.During the period,it experienced the transformation from military to civilian ownership.After nearly 30 years of operation and development,it has become a joint-stock high-tech demonstration enterprise integrating scientific research,production,sales and service.
Wan'an pharmaceutical has strong scientific and technological strength,with a group of well-known medical experts with high moral integrity and young and promising medical doctors,masters and other professional and technical talents.On the basis of inheriting the essence of traditional Chinese medicine,the Wan An people,taking the rigorous scientific attitude,and taking the latest research achievements of 9 universities in modern physiology,anatomy,pharmacology,immunology,microcirculation,reproductive physiology and endocrinology,and adopting modern high-tech medical products to produce new technologies and technologies,aim at the physiological structure characteristics of women and the mechanism of gynecological diseases,and select the essence of Chinese medicine.We have successfully developed a new generation of high-tech gynecological product"sister Shu".
"Sister Shu"gynecological pad is deeply loved and welcomed by the majority of female compatriots because of its novel and fashionable dosage form,safe use,refreshing and convenient,rapid onset,continuous day and night,remarkable curative effect and so on.At present,the product has been sold to all provinces(autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government)and exported to Europe,America,Southeast Asia,the Middle East,Russia,South Africa and other countries and regions.
Since 2001,the all China Federation of trade unions has designated Wan'an pharmaceutical as the undertaking unit to provide services for the health education of female employees.According to the deployment of the women's vocational Committee of the all China Federation of trade unions and with the strong support of the women's Department of trade unions at all levels,the company has invested more than 200 million yuan to carry out more than 200000"lectures and consultations on health knowledge of female employees"for 137 million grass-roots female employees,which has achieved good social and economic benefits.
Over the past 30 years,Wan'an pharmaceutical has obtained a series of certifications and honors from governments and institutions at all levels,mainly including:China's leading enterprises in the industry,top 10 new brands of Chinese enterprises,national Spark plan project,demonstration unit of China's honest enterprises,China's honest enterprises in foreign trade,AAA credit enterprises,China Patriotic collective,enterprises on the"Golden Bee China list of corporate social responsibility",enterprises that can best adhere to public welfare activities in China Shaanxi medical device industry integrity enterprise,Shaanxi science and technology demonstration enterprise,Xi'an consumer trustworthy unit,etc.It has passed the international and industrial quality management system certification and obtained the EU TUV certificate and CE certificate.
"Sister Shu"gynecological pad is a gynecological product that maintains women's reproductive physiological health for 24 hours in the whole cycle.It has won awards in domestic and foreign evaluations for many times.It obtained the national invention patent certificate in 2021.It is clearly"traditional Chinese medicine and its preparation method and application for the prevention and treatment of gynecological diseases",which has driven and promoted the development of gynecological medicine and health care products industry and created a new era of gynecological prevention and treatment.
For the cause of national health,in line with the health concept of"one person's health,the whole family's happiness"and maintaining family harmony and social stability,Wan'an pharmaceutical adheres to high-tech as the guide,scientific management as the basis,advanced marketing means as the support,the purpose of offering high-quality products and caring for women's health,and the task of revitalizing the national industry of the motherland.Through unremitting efforts,it strives to make greater contributions to the cause of human health.