Reproductive health 24 hours a lifetime close Zimeishu

"Zimeishu"gynecological pad is honorably produced by Shaanxi Wan'an Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.It is the latest research achievement of Wan'an pharmaceutical scientific research team,combined with modern physiology,pharmacology,microcirculation and other disciplines,adopts modern international mucosal absorption principle and new production technology of high-tech medical products,and is designed according to the characteristics of women's physiological structure and the occurrence mechanism of gynecological diseases.38 kinds of preferred traditional Chinese medicines are extracted by high-tech technology,It is a new generation of high-tech gynecological products integrating prevention and treatment,which is refined,concentrated and coated with plant alkaloids as the main raw materials,plus silver ions with significant bactericidal and antiviral effects and non-toxic side effects.
"Zimeishu"gynecological pad is a gynecological product that maintains women's reproductive physiological health for 24 hours in the whole cycle.By using the methods of internal and external treatment of traditional Chinese medicine,skin sticking therapy and mucosal absorption,it gives full play to the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine in regulating menstruation and relieving pain,tonifying blood and Supplementing Qi,kills various pathogenic microorganisms,maintains the acid-base balance of vagina,repairs damage,improves the immunity of reproductive system,and is beneficial to the bacteria,viruses,protozoa,chlamydia Mycoplasma infection has significant prevention and curative effect.
"Zimeishu"gynecological pad is deeply loved and welcomed by the majority of female compatriots because of its novel and fashionable dosage form,safe use,refreshing and convenient,rapid onset,continuous day and night,remarkable curative effect and so on.It has won many awards in domestic and foreign evaluations.In 2021,it obtained the national invention patent certificate,which clearly defined as"traditional Chinese medicine and its preparation method and application for the prevention and treatment of gynecological diseases",which has driven and promoted the development of gynecological medicine and health care products industry and created a new era of gynecological prevention and treatment.