Pay attention to the health of female workers and create attractive female workers

On the afternoon of August 15,on the second floor of Nanshan chanyue garden,a lively,funny and humorous lecture on health knowledge of female workers was being held enthusiastically.This lecture is the first lecture in Sanya by a distinguished expert of the all China Federation of trade unions.The lecturer is Qi Yanling,a lecturer of the female health knowledge lecturer group.Qi Yanling graduated from the medical department of Shanghai Railway Medical College and is the chief physician.She has been engaged in clinical teaching of Obstetrics and gynecology for more than 30 years,has profound theoretical foundation and rich clinical experience,and has written more than 20 professional papers,especially rich experience in the treatment of gynecological diseases with integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine,He has unique opinions and has participated in more than 1000 lectures on health knowledge of female workers of the all China Federation of trade unions.
At 3 p.m.,the lecture officially began.100 Nanshan women workers from 26 departments and women workers from guest houses,guanyinyuan and other cooperative units in the scenic spot listened to the health lecture,including 48 female migrant workers.In two hours,Mr.Qi used his rich clinical experience to integrate knowledge and interest.Through interesting,vivid and simple metaphors,he gave a detailed demonstration and explanation for female compatriots on how to prevent gynecological diseases and two cancers.After the lecture,the female workers asked teacher Qi for questions related to their condition.Teacher Qi answered questions for the female compatriots with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm,and put forward reasonable suggestions and treatment methods.The response was warm and the atmosphere was harmonious.After the meeting,the female workers of Nanshan affirmed the teachers'explanation knowledge.They said that every year the trade union systematically cares for and cares for our female workers,and sends health knowledge to our doorstep.They not only do not delay work,but also gain knowledge,which is a good and practical thing for our female workers.