The strategy to hibernate healthy for female (b) Dysmenorrhea, menoxenia

The cold winter was easily triggered female Menopathy,the symptoms will be more severe especially for the women who has the medical history.
Solution:Warm the uterine,invigorate the blood
The disease of menoxenia and dysmenorrheal were exist in monsveneris.The basic idea of health care is to keep the uterine warm and the blood invigorated.The simplest and effective way to prevent the dysmenorrheal and the menoxenia is to ensure the warm of waist and abdomen.We can use some external warm appliances,such as warm sticks,hot-water bags,to apply at the waist and abdomen.Secondly,avoid eating unripe and cold food which has no advantage eating in winter,such as watermelon,cantaloupe and etc.which ripe in summer.

Recommendation:an herb tea which warm the uterine,invigorate the blood---black tea with rose and ginger.Select 5g rose and 5 pieces of ginger;add some high quality black tea in,brewing for a while(you can also add a few longan pulp),which could keep your uterine warm and relieve the pains.Foot soaking is also an effective way to control the menopathy and a very good method for health maintenance.Put some safflower carthamus and folium artemisiae argyi in the footbath,add some hot water in,soaking for around 20min which could help you warm up and sleep.In addition,adopting the natural French Mizalier to recuperate which could not only warm the uterine,invigorate the blood,expelling of toxin,but also compacting the genitals,preventing Gynecological inflammation.