The strategy to hibernate healthy for female (a) dry skin

In the winter,our skin,especially for the facial and extremity,was easily to be dry due to the cold air.For those who are of poor health would even lead to frostbite in the middle of the winter.So,skin protection becomes a great concern for more and more young women.

Solutions:In the winter,the air becomes cold,and there is little sunshine.To keep our skin moist,the first thing we should do is to keep warm which is the basic premise in the winter.Then,we can use some moisture products appropriately.Honey was the most natural moist for skin especially for the oral care.It is also necessary to have a humidifier in the house which will do some help.

Recommendation:a moisturizers herb tea---black tea with honey and red dates.Select 5-10 pieces red dates,peeled and washed,pick out the kernel,add some high quality black tea and also some honey in,brewing for a while,which could warm the stomach and keep from the dryness.