How to check the vulva by yourself?

How to check the vulva by yourself?
The methods are summarized as looking,smelling and palpating.

Looking:Put a mirror before your vulva and observing it by moving the mirror up and down.You also can find some clues from the color,purity and density of the excretion including leucorrhea and menstrual bleeding in the vagina.The normal leucorrhea is light-white thin liquid and the normal bleeding is madder red with clots occasionally.

Smelling:Smell the excretion,menstrual bleeding and vulva.Healthy flavor is light offensive smell,perspiration smell or insipidity.There may be some problems when smell of fish,putrefactive smell or other abnormal smell appears.

Palpating:Wash your hands at first,palpate the vulva from monsveneris to anus by pulps of forefinger and middle finger.
The healthy vulva is smooth and soft,without any nodus and lumps and without pain unless press intentionally.If any you should see the doctor.