Wudalianchi scenic spot carries out "lectures on health knowledge of female workers"

In order to further improve the physical and mental health of female workers in Wudalianchi scenic spot,care for women,and send knowledge,ideas and services to more female workers and families.On July 9,the Federation of trade unions of Wudalianchi scenic spot held a lecture on the health knowledge of female workers,with the active participation of the majority of female workers in the region.
According to the unified arrangement and deployment of Heihe Federation of trade unions,song Lizhen,an expert member of the lecturer group of public welfare lectures on health knowledge of female employees of all China Federation of trade unions,was specially invited to teach the new concept and basic knowledge of reproductive health to female employees in the region,remind women to prevent common malignant tumors,analyze the impact of working environment factors on reproductive health and how to alleviate work pressure and mental health,Teach female workers how to balance the relationship between work and family,and explain in detail the laws and regulations on labor protection of female workers.
Mr.Song is rigorous and knowledgeable.With his rich professional theoretical knowledge,long-term practical clinical experience,humorous teaching style and easy to understand popular science explanation,he has been warmly welcomed by the majority of female workers.