Wugui town held a lecture on health knowledge of female employees in 2017

On the afternoon of February 27, the 2017 lecture on health knowledge of female workers held by the District Federation of trade unions came to Wugui, attended by more than 40 female cadres in the whole town and village.




The lecture invited Professor of gynecology department of the former Beijing railway hospital with abundant clinical experience. Professor Yang used the cases he had worked in to explain to the participants in the lecture the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of common gynecological diseases such as cervical cancer and breast cancer, so that the female cadres present had a deeper understanding of female diseases, and also knew how to better protect themselves, so that they could understand and prevent early. Early treatment. This lecture is deeply welcomed by everyone. It will play a positive role in promoting the majority of women to establish a healthy health awareness and cultivate a healthy lifestyle, and make everyone fully realize the importance of physical and mental health.