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  • Brand Name: Zimeishu Cure&Care pad
  • Model Number: z01
  • Delivery Time:: 2012-07-31
  • Views : 592

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Pharmacological functions:

1. Sterilize:  Have 99.9% damage for bacteria and viruses, chlamydia, mycoplasma, fungi and protozoon.

 2. Expel toxins:  prompted vaginal smooth muscle contraction, beneficial to expel the passive congestion, toxin, the bacteria.

3. Born muscle:  melting blood clot, promote the vaginal mucosa cell metabolism, rapidly promote the wound.

4. Maintain the balance of soda acid bacterium group in vagina, and enhance the self-clean function of vagina.

5. Nourish:  enhance vulva flexibility and tenacity.

6. Regulate hormone secretion, increase autoimmunity function of body.

The functional principle: by adopting internationally advanced transdermal drug delivery technology, the absorption rate of Zimeishu Cure&Care Pad in the women’s vulva is higher than the skin of any part, including the rich branch vein blood network, sensitive nerve plexus and lymphatic tissue of vessels, particularly due to the thin female pelvic vein wall without anterior venous valve, all these features become the important basis for the manufacture of this product. The Zimeishu, besides the prevention and treatment of various gynecological diseases, can also control the attacks of sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV and HPV that may destroy the immune functions.

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