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  • Brand Name: Zimeishu Silver-ion gynecological pad
  • Model Number: z04
  • Delivery Time:: 2012-09-14
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Zimeishu silver-ion gynecological pad is a high-tech achievement which contains silver-ion and 38 kinds extract of natural herbal medicines. This product is researched and manufactured by studying the pathogenesis of gynecological diseases and the characteristics of female reproductive physiology. Based on the essence of traditional Chinese medicine theory and in combination with the modern pharmacology, Chinese medicine channels and collaterals theory, and the latest research findings in the modern physiological anatomy, immunology, microcirculation, reproduction, physiology and endocrinology, this product is successfully researched by the modern TCM preparation technology. After decades of research and development by basic medical and clinical experts, the new medicine “Zimeishu silver-ion gynecological pad for medical use” for the treatment of gynecological diseases was born. This is a new gynecological drug with unique effect integrating disease prevention and treatment, with obvious anti-itching analgesic, antifungal, antiprotozoal, antiviral, non-toxic and non-allergic reactions. It can enhance the body resistance to diseases and the immune functions.

Many kinds of bacteria pathogens have existed in women’s vagina, these bacteria pathogens all belong to "conditions pathogenic bacteria". The gynecological diseases will occur When the body's resistance and the body's immune function is low. Due to excessive washing and excessive treatment (antibiotics: chemical treatment caused environmental damage for the inside vagina micro ecology, including acid and alkali balance and dysbacteriosis, to make all kinds of pathogenic bacteria lost to restrict each other and gynecological inflammation happen.). Zimeishu silver-ion gynecological pad according to the female's unique physiology characteristic, make full absorption for the medicine, safety, reliability and convenient. Can be used as a long-term practical self-protection product for women. The products have been sold to dozens of countries and regions around the world.

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