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  • Brand Name: Female health care product
  • Model Number: z03
  • Delivery Time:: 2012-04-16
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1. Natural herbs

2. 24hs continuous nursing

3. Keeps convenient and hygiene

4. Safe and fast effect

5. Fresh and comfortable Leading product of modern natural medicine, modern specialist for prevention and curing gynecopathies Can keep clean and fresh for 24 hours long, to be the healthy women accompanied with Zimeishu Research according to the women's physiological structure, Zimeishu accomplishes the three functions of prevention, curing, and nursing gynecological diseases Abstracting the effective composition from 49 kinds of natural medicine scientifically Can effectively kill and expel the pathogens on vulva by means of applying skin-absorption therapy, then to the aim of regulating the acid base balance in the vulva With prominent function to prevent and cure gynecological diseases, it fills up the blank of the nursing on the modern women's physiology in the world, create the prevention and curing epoch of gynecological diseases Product characteristics: Safe and fast effect Keeps clean, convenient and hygiene Continuous nursing Fresh and comfortable No side-effect Application range: female between 15 to 65 years old Usage: 3 days before and 4 days after the menstruation period and 1 to 2 pieces each day will completely prevent gynecological diseases

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