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At present, the sales network has stretched to large- and medium cities all over the country, and has won favors of both individual and groups, a population over 6 million.

Zimeishu has unique advantages. Its intangible value has reached CNY 0.3 billion (About USD 37 million) as evaluated. In 2004, the brand was granted the honor of " China Industrial Leading Brand" at the China First-Session Brand Competition.

Based on the marketing conception of "Caring women health is the responsibility of the nation" and "From the society and to the society", Wan'an Pharmaceutical has been devoted to the cause of promoting women health since its foundation. Because of its prominent social effect, it has assumed the task of health-care popularization in the project of "Caring the health of women employees" as sponsored by All-China Federation of Trade Union in 1998. As the first and sole enterprise appointed by the government to give lectures on health-care popularization throughout the country, Wan'an Pharmaceutical successively invested CNY 80 million (About USD 10 million), giving 40000 lectures, benefiting around 10 million people directly and 30 million people indirectly. In doing this, the company has recovered over CNY 1 billion (About 0.2 billion USD) for Science Popularization Fund and Healthcare Fund of the Chinese government and was awarded the title of "Patriotic Collective of China