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The product Zimeishu has unique advantages. Its intangible value has reached CNY 0.3 billion (About USD 37 million) as evaluated. At present, the brand Zimeishu has been registered and was protected in several countries. It has exported to countries (regions) as Europe, America, Southeast Asia and Middle East.

    Zimeishu in UN

According to the statistics of World Women Health Union:

  • "There are 206 million women who catch the gynecopathy at different degree in the world, of which 75% are in developing countries, only 10% are in developed countries.
  • "There are 82% of the women suffered reproductive diseases. The gynecological tumor resulting from gynecological inflammation has become the first women killer, 80% of the cases occur in the developing countries.
  • "There are 47 million women who suffer from diseases as abortion, sterility, uterine cancer, etc. caused by the deep infection of reproductive system, in some cases, even life endangered.

Large amount of data and cases by 2002 World Population Status Report, which are issued by the UN Population Foundation, pointed out, "Investment on women healthcare will gather more wealth for countries".


In 2003, Shaanxi Wanan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. contacted with UN actively, wanted to introduce this advanced product all over the world. In 2004, we successfully register in some agents of UN. The registration No. in UNGM is 113202



 Zimeishuu and the Millennium Development Goals of UN

The tenet of Wan'an Pharmaceutical agrees with the Millennium Development Goal of UN

Supervised by the government, the understanding on Millennium Development Goals of the UN has been rooted in the staffs of Wan'an. Basing on the enterprise spirit of "Caring the health of female is an obligation of a nation", the staffs of Wan'an carried out a number of female health-care popularization activities and some humane activities throughout China, and acquired significant social effect in the mean time of the development of enterprise. Wan'an Pharmaceutical is praised, and awarded the title of "Patriotic collective of China", and "specified procurement unit of famous and fine product for women & children", also the product Zimeishu was praised as "the favorite product for Chinese women & children. "

The world has reached consensus on the Millennium Development Goals of the UN, which draws together the favorable expectations of the human being on peace, prosperity, happiness and health. The latest evaluation report on implementation of Millennium Development Goals of the UN shows progress has been made on many specific objectives, while there are still many health problems in the developing countries, especially women health. We all know that as the high quality and low-price, high-tech gynecological product, Zimeishu medical pad can bring the health to more women, especially for those in most need in the underdeveloped countries. Now, driven by the PPC program, Wan'an Pharmaceutical wishes to bring health to people of a wider range under the help of UN.