Zimeishu gynecological pad

The world's first generation of Zimeishu Gynecological Pad for medical use is the sole new gynecological drug for the prevention and treatment of gynecological inflammation. The silver ions are not involved in the metabolism in the body, without any side effect. With strong permeability, lasting, quick, clean, safe and reliable sterilization, this product creates a new era in the history of treatment of gynecological diseases. The traditional treatment of gynecological diseases is purely a therapeutic process. When the drugs kill the bacterial pathogens in the body, it also causes damages to the body; that is the main reason to cause the high incidence, recurrence and repeated outbreak of the gynecological diseases. Many women’s gynecological inflammation becomes an intractable gynecological disease, and even lost their life. Now, the concept of “combined therapy” of “modern treatment of gynecological disease” is proposed. By effectively enhancing the sterilization effect of therapeutic drugs, the Zimeishu can shorten the time for drug treatment, and timely eliminate the side effect of therapeutic drugs, rapidly recover the damages caused by therapeutic drugs and the micro-ecological environments of female reproductive tract, solve the long lasting recurrent gynecological problems and the drug resistance of pathogens, and thus presenting a fundamental understanding of the therapeutic concept of gynecological diseases, and realizing scientific and effective treatment of the gynecological diseases. Zimeishu gynecological pad can regulate endocrine, increase reproductive organs resistance against diseases, delay the deterioration of reproductive organs. The nutrition and metabolism in the internal genital organs of vagina, womb, oviduct and ovary are carried out through a double set of blood vessels. These organs, because of their sexual gland secretion function, can affect reproduction and secondary sex characters. If there are pathologic changes in these organs, Zimeishu can correct these changes to restore the normal functions of the organs. Application scope: Gynecological infection induced by epiphyte and bacteria. This product has the function of anti-bacteria and stopp pruritus.Indications : Zimeishu gynecological pad can cure colpitis mycotica, nonspecific colpitis, pruritus of vulva, eczema of vulva; has the supplementary therapy in colpitis, cervicitis, pelvic inflammation, adnexitis; prevents the postpartum infection after abortion and effectively improves women’s resistance against diseases.