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Why “Zimeishuis the first choice of female?

Gynecological Experts indicate that the high rate of gynecopathies is mainly because of the semi-open and unique physiological structure of female’s reproductive system.

Meanwhile , female use the unsanitary nursing products (e.g. the unqualified toilet paper , sanitary towel and pad which have exceeded the no virus period );the unclean daily-use articles (e.g. basin , towel , lotion and underpants ) and also the unsanitary sexual life, all of that are the most important reasons for the high rate and recurrence of gynecopathy.

In addition, incorrect nursing method, abuse of the antibiotic medicine for a long time and tightly wrap the vulva, all of that is one of the main reason of the high rate and recurrence of the gynecopathy.

The traditional gynecological products unable to combine the prevention in early days with the treatment in later period. Many medicines may irritate and cause toxic and side effect to female organism, inconvenience to use ; many products can only cure gynecopathy at night, thus, making daytime as a vacant time of cure and nursing. The clinical treatment indicated that the patient’s condition will become 5 times serious if the treatment can’t carry on day and night.

Concluding above, if we want to prevent the occurrence of gynecopathy, we must to choose Zimeishu silver-ion gynecological pad which has the main functions of prevent and cure. Zimeishu can prevent and cure gynecopathy efficaciously ; also keep clean and fresh for 24 hours. Zimeishu apply to the female ranged from 15 to 65 year’s old, which has covered 60%of the whole females. It is the unique nursing product in the world.