Mold prefers vaginal, why?

1, the vagina is " airless ", especially like wearing tights or heavy jeans women, more make the vagina does not air, make the vagina becomes " a cosy nest fungus ", cause mycotic vaginitis.
2, the vagina moist, humid environment is vaginal fungus breeding place.
3, the vaginal environment variable, due to the emergence of urine, or incorrect cleaning means to cause the vagina bacterium group maladjusted, mold blooms, caused mycotic vaginitis.
4, sinister cholestasis, vaginal resistance decreased. Cholestasis bad make cell metabolism, decreased ability to make vaginal secretion, pathogen resistance capacity decreased, so that the mold mass propagation, eruption of mycotic vaginitis.
5, the vagina " nutritious ", normal vaginal secretions of vagina have protective effect, once the vaginal discharge abnormal, these abnormal secretions are likely to become mold's food.
Normal human body itself is Candida carriers, only under certain conditions can be pathogenic. Therefore, only the active elimination of triggers, we can effectively prevent the incidence of mycotic vaginitis.