Teach you how to see your age from your body?

The most secret thing women do not like other people know is their age.However,with the growth of the age,women's somatic function decrease,such as the skin is no longer shiny and elastic.Which part has result in the debilitating for women?The below 6 parts are the Chinese medicine experts have summarized that lead to the women debilitating.Once you know this,do take care of yourself to avoid the disease and aging.
Waist:It is very important to alleviate burdens and weights.
Adult women,especially middle-aged,are very easily to suffer from the illness of the lumbar and leg pain.In another word,women are fighting with the lumbar and leg pain all their life.Women began to have the menstrual from 10 years old which will influence the growth of spine muscles,and lead to the waist fatigue easily.Women often wear high heels that are very easily to form the bending posture and then lead to lumbar pain.After pregnancy,the weight increased,the posture is unmoral,and all of them will cause the lumbar pain.The pelvic ligaments are relaxed after the puerperal that will also lead to the continuously lumbar pain.After the menopause,the women’s bone became osteoporosis,spine brittle,waist bent;they can also lead to the lumbar pain.
Tips:Do more exercise;do not sit for all day.Women should have more lumbar exercises like retreat walk,yoga,jogging and etc.which will exercise your muscles.Meanwhile,take more wriggles of the waist;do more fly movement before going to bed are also helpful.For those office workers who are always sit on the seat,it is very helpful to do the exercise like chest expanding,back waist and also pulled up.

Heart:Incidence of the heart is almost higher than man.
Different from our opinion,the incidence of heart disease for women is no longer lower than men.However,the first time that women will have this disease will be 10 years later than the men.Once suffering,it is fatal.If the heart feeling discomfort often together with the breathless,body fatigue,jaw pain and etc.and will always last for several hours.This situation is very common during menopause,because women during this period the estrogen decreased and weaken the protective function.
Tips:The radically changes of the weight will effect the heart a lot.The studies show that if a woman’s weight changed 5kg in a year suddenly,the heart will be threatened obviously.But if the weight changed rapidly,it will do help for the health.

Breast:is better to be pretty for the women.
When the breast brings the women happiness of“To be a woman is very good”,the breast itself falls into the danger.Breast cancer has now replaced the cervical cancer to become the first malignant tumor in China.
The breast is one of the most vulnerable parts of a female and has also the closely relation to the women aging.The possibility of breast cancer will increase when abortion.Even if wearing more bud silk and nylon material bra may cause the lactation obstruct.
Tips:Self-examination is very necessary.The experts remind that once passed 30 years old,each woman should know how to check their own breast.Touch the breast with your fingers when bathing and sleeping,turn clockwise and do not take more force until to the center.Once you found lumps or something abnormal,go to the hospital immediately for help.

Hairs:More hair dressing is of high risks.
The study shows that the women who have the hair color more than 12 times a year is 26%more likely to have the lymphoma than those who never done that.The Yale university has a survey on 1300 women shows that the women who using the black hair dye over 25 years is twice risky to have the disease.It is reported that the contact dermatitis caused by hair dye take up 10%of the hair dye populations.
Tips:Take hair dressing no more than twice a year.As there’s no natural hair dye,so,the experts suggest that do not take more than twice hair dressing a year.Before hair dye,the skin testing is very necessary.Do not use the tint that has been produced for more than a half year.If you want to seek for fashion,it is better to have a local streaked.Those who have wounds on head,suffering from chronic diseases,going to have a baby or pregnancy should not have hair dressing except for hair cut.

Ligament:is inherently fragile to be injured.
Compared with the men,women are more likely to strain their knee and ankle joint ligament.This is due to the big of the female hip that cause the large force of ligaments.That’s why the ligament of the women is inherently vulnerable than men.Secondly,the reaction of the women is bluntness than man.Once the danger exists,the women are slow in action to be mitigated,that is another reason to cause the danger.It always needs several months to heal the ligament injuries.
Tips:Take care before or after the menstruation.Chinese expert pointed that women in menstruation should not do the exercise like shuttlecock,dancing and ball playing which requires fast response and high accuracy of movement.Carrying heavy things should also be avoid.Everyday you wake up,a stretching movement could not only make the muscles relaxed,but also soft the tendon,ligament and joints.

Feet:need to have a second liberation.
The risks that suffering from osteoarthritis for women who wear high heels is twice higher than male.As the 60%pressure of the body is on the front foot,so the toenails is easily to be valgus rapidly.Continue to wear high heels will also do harmful to the knee and spine and lead to the bone hyperplasia or lumbar intervertebral disc herniation.So,when choosing the shoes,it is better to have a one of buffer capacity.
1.Women should avoid wearing those of high heels or abnormal shoes.The heels should be within 5cm to avoid uneven force on the foot.
2.Wedge heel shoes are better for human beings.The formation if of 3cm high wedge heel is just fit for normal arches.When walking,it is more comfort.
3.When choosing the shoes,please make sure they are of a certain buffer capacity(soles should be thicker,the thinner soles be,the harmful for the foot).Or you can also put a cushion in the shoes which will slow down the shock.