The strategy to hibernate healthy for female(c)knuckle's cold and pain

The strategy to hibernate healthy for female(3)knuckle's cold and pain
Knuckle pain is multiple symptoms in winter,the problem is more outstanding for older women.Now,there are so many women wear skirt,legs cannot keep warm sufficient,it is easy to cause hidden trouble to the knuckle.To protect the knuckle,it is a required course for every female in winter.

Solution:dispelling cold and relieve pain
The knuckle's crymodynia is caused by cold dampness,so cold-proof and keep warm is the basic methods to prevent the arthralgic in winter.It is suggested for the person in this trouble to wearing kneelet,waist support and scarf,dressed in clothing with wind-resistant well.

Recommend a herb tea to dispelling cold and relieve pain:cassia twig dry ginger black tea,with cassia twig 10 grams,dry ginger 10 grams,add black tea right amount,drinking after boiling,you also can add bits of honey if you think the flavor is strong.
In the joint pain of time,still can use Chinese medicine washout prescription to remove cold pain:cassia twig,Romulus mori,eggplant stem,vines,Chinese prickly ash branch and so on,for one foot each type,after boiling,washout and fumigate the sore spot.It can remit the pain well.