Do you know the knowledge of Women's health?

A lot of gynaecopathia originates from the bad living habits of female friends, or ignore physical care, this is irresponsible for themselves. To be healthy, self-confidence, be happy please read the following tips.

1. Often clean underwear, keep vulva clean and dry. Should look for the causes actively include inspection vaginal fluid and urine, in order to eliminate the source of the stimulus.
2. General investigation and general therapy actively, to eliminate the source of infection. Should be forbid the trichomonas person carrier into the swimming pool. Using ZIMEISHU medicine pad to prevent after swimming.
3. To disinfect the bath, bath towel and other supplies. Medical units should do public disinfection and isolation, to prevent cross infection.
4. Do the health care work well in menstrual period, pregnancy and puerperium.
5. After the defecate to clean from to back, prevention and control the candida of pollution perineum in shit. After pee, do not use toilet paper to wipe, because urine is clean than toilet paper.
6.Women's underwear must not wash together with jacket, pants, skirts, wash underwear in the running water. After washing to dry in the sun thirty minutes will kill candida.
7. Pay attention to personal hygiene, exercise, strengthen physical endowment, cure diseases timely and completely.
8.To use the ZIMEISHU medicine pad after some small operations, such as uterine curettage, abortion, ring, etc. In order to promote wound healing and prevent infection.